Created in 1862 with the intention of Fundada en 1862 con la intención of channeling Jewish life according to the progresive thought of the time, the Argentine’s Republic Israelite Congregation (CIRA) has given birth to the most relevant Jewish institutions of the country.

Our main minyian is egalitarian, of reform style and ideology. We interpret our traditions aiming at creating a whole Jewish life, tending to the needs of each person in light of the most noble, plural and inclusive values of our time.

Also, we have a daily service that maintains the traditional liturgic style of the synagouge since its creation.

We invite you to assist to Kabalat Shabat services of the egalitarian minyian every friday of the year at 730 PM. Daily services take place on the auxiliary sanctuary, you may send an email asking for the updated timings. 

Please keep in mind that, for security reasons, you will be asked to present your original passport upon entrance.

Rabbis: Simón Moguilevsky, Sergio Bergman y Damián Karo

Rabbi in training and CEO: Hernán Rustein

Rabbi in training: Silvia Dorfman

Shlijei Tzibur:
Alejandra Levi, Daiana Levin y Pablo Duchovny – Egalitarian minyian
Jaime Halperín, Victor Garelik, Rubén Shapira y Enrique Abrahamovics – Traditional minyian